About Toronto, Ontario

With a population of about 5.6 million people, the Toronto metropolitan area is the largest city in Canada. Toronto is located in southeastern Ontario province. It is located on Lake Ontario and is not far from the border with the United States.

About Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Information

City code TOR
Country Canada
State Ontario
Population 5.6 Million
Pop. density 4,000 / km2
Land area 7,125 km2
Elevation 76 m
Currency Dollar (CAD)
Annual GDP US$ 209 Bn
Languages English
Latitude 43.43° N
Longitude 79.20° W

Toronto was founded as a city in 1834 following many years of fighting between British, French, and American forces. Toronto is the capital of Ontario province.

Toronto is not only the economic center of Canada, but also a major international center of global business and finance. Toronto is home to the 7th largest stock exchange in the world. The top 5 Canadian banks are based there as are most of the largest companies in the country. Even though Toronto is located on Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes, it is not a major port.

Not only it the city of Toronto large unto itself, Toronto is surrounded by densely populated suburbs that stretch for miles inland and along the lake shore. Nearby towns include Mississauga, Hamilton, Markham, and Brampton, among other towns. The vast complex accounts for 25% of Canada's total population.

Toronto has a fairly cold long winters, but warms up during the summer. Average summer daily high temperatures are normally in the high 70s °F. Winter daily high temperatures are normally in the low 30's °F. The city receives about 33 inches of precipitation per year.

Toronto is well known for being one of the most livable cities in the world. It is also Canada's most expensive city to live in.

Demographically, Toronto is an extremely diverse and cosmopolitan city. For many reasons, people settle in Toronto from all over the world. Nearly 50% of residents were born outside of Canada - the second highest percentage of any major city in the world. People of European heritage make up about 52% of the population. South Asians, Chinese, Blacks, and Filipinos are also well represented.

English remains the most widely spoken language with French, Italian, Chinese, Punjabi, Hindi, and many other languages also spoken.

Toronto is served by Toronto Pearson International Airport (IATA code: YYZ).

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